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About Us

Project SEARCH is based at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The administrative team oversees a large international network of Project SEARCH programme sites. We maintain an active, ongoing programme of technical assistance, programme evaluation, programme development, and continuous improvement.

Meet the Team


Carmel McKeogh

Carmel McKeogh, MCIPD

Carmel McKeogh has been passionate about promoting the employment of people with learning disabilities since 2002, speaking at numerous conferences in Europe and providing advice and guidance on how organizations’ policies and practices can be adapted to create a fairer workplace for people with disabilities. She now works for Project SEARCH as a Program Specialist in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Europe.

Anne O’Bryan

Anne O’Bryan, BA

Anne has promoted full-time paid employment for all people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions since 1979. She has assisted individuals, families, employers, and service providers in program design and continuous improvement. Since 2013 Anne has led European Project SEARCH program development. She is also a founding member of the South West Employment Institute.