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Making Supported Internships work: Special Needs Jungle speaks with Julie Pointer about Internships Work 

Julie Pointer, Programme Lead for Children and Young People at NDTi, recently spoke with Special Needs Jungle about making Supported Internships work so young people with learning disabilities and autism can thrive.

As highlighted by Julie, “Employment plays such an important part of being independent, increasing confidence and a sense of belonging. Currently, only 5.1% of adults aged 18-64 with a learning disability gain permanent paid employment in the UK, compared to 80% of their peers. This has to change!”

Internships Work is a new programme which aims to create more equal employment opportunities.  It’s a collaboration between National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)British Association of Supported Employment (BASE) and DFN Project SEARCH, funded by the Department for Education (DfE). 

The programme will enable us to sustainably create 4,500 high-quality supported internship placements each year by 2025.

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