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Our CEO Claire Cookson welcomes the publication of the Buckland Review

A new Department of Work and Pensions review has set out how the government and businesses can identify and break down the barriers to autistic people securing sustained and fulfilling employment.

The Buckland Review of Autism Employment was commissioned by Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Mel Stride and led by Sir Robert Buckland KC. It includes the views of hundreds of employers and autistic people and makes 19 recommendations for workplace culture changes.

This includes encouraging career progression by developing packages of training focused on autistic staff, improving recruitment by ensuring career advisers can provide appropriate advice to autistic jobseekers, and supporting autistic people who are already in the workplace by producing “autism design guides” to create appropriate premises, furnishings and equipment.

Claire Cookson, Chief Executive Officer of the DFN Foundation and DFN Project SEARCH, who contributed to the report, said:

“The Buckland Review is a welcome focus on improving England’s shockingly low employment rates for people with autism or a learning disability. Evidence shows that young people who are autistic want to work and, given the right support, can go on to a wide variety of paid permanent jobs.

“What we need now is more ambition. From supported internships for young people to Employer Champion training for businesses, there are tools available to make autistic people achieve their potential in the workplace. And we know that if employers and providers can get it right for autism, they can get it right for everyone.”

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